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Hidden in Plain Sight

Have you ever had a black line of mold at the base of your tile in the shower? Some might think a little cleaner and a good scrub would fix that right up -- but... READ MORE

Mold in the Bathroom Wall

Bathrooms are places you expect to find water; Preferably in the sink, toilet, or bathtub/shower, but sometimes water gets where it shouldn't. In the example of... READ MORE

Post Mitigation, Pre Reconstruction

The word "mitigation" is defined as, "the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something." At SERVPRO of Duncanville / De Soto, that'... READ MORE

Visible and Hidden Water Damage

Sometimes water damage isn't easy to see. Fortunately, the trained technicians and crew at SERVPRO of Duncanville / De Soto are experienced in utilizing industr... READ MORE

Clean Slate

When water damage impacts your home or business, SERVPRO of Duncanville / De Soto is here with almost three decades' of experience in restoration to help you wh... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

When water damage impacts your home, there are multiple things that need to be done. From the original assessment, classification of water, identification of th... READ MORE